In todays dynamic world, manufacturing companies around the world are looking for opportunities to reduce manufacturing costs, as they struggle to survive. The Lean, Low cost, Quality manufacturers will have a distinct advantage over competitors. We are ready to shape, a Low cost, Quality manufacturing solution for you. Southern Steels and Profiles engineered Products are of revolutionary in- Design, Manufacturing Practice and Manufacturing Cost. Special profiles are created as a result of careful consideration and understanding of a customers' needs. That's what makes us special.

Quality Policy

We , at Southern steel & profiles are Committed to the supply of Bright Bars to our Most Valued Customers as per their Requirements and Specifications, without violating any of the Statutory, Industrial & Pollution Control Regulations. We respect & will maintain a Green Environment around the society as a whole. Our Quality Objective will be reviewed every year and Revised according to our customers' Demands Our quality policy will be communicated to all employees within our organization, and We will take all steps to ensure that it is understood by everyone of EMPLOYEEs.

Our Mission

To Hold Numero Uno Position in the Bright Bar Industry in INDIA as a specialist in the supply of QUALITY PEELED & GROUND BARS of sizes from 20 mm dia. To 200 mm Dia. & Identify itself with Big Corporate Customers on One Side & Leading STEEL MILLS on the Other side, for Smooth Mutual Sustenance & Growth.

Our vision

To achieve a Finished Product without even a trace of Surface Defects like Scale, Rust,Decarb,Scab,Sliver,Pittings,Crack, etc.,The Black Bars need to be Peeled & Ground. This ensures 100% Freedom due to surface Defects. As the Society should get a Product which is 100% Free from surface Defects, we are specializing in this process, as a Social Commitment. Technically we will ensure Good Quality, by Sourcing Materials from Reputed Sources. Close Monitoring is done at Every stage of our Operations for the Dimensional Quality. Final Pre-Delivery Magnetic Particle Inspection, Ensures Freedom from Surface Defects.
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